Travel. Adventure. Give Back.

VansforLands is an organization built to help encourage the adventurous spirit and give back to the parks and forests we love.  We are the individuals that seek travel and freedom from the typical rooted lifestyle. We are inspiring musicians, wanderers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads who want to pursue a different path. And yes, we are #vanlifers.

For most of us, the free camping and hiking offered to us by the National Parks/ Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management is so special. From the stunning National Parks to the lush greens of the National Forests to the hidden BLM lands we stumble on, these lands are some of the greatest parts of our lifestyle.

Our goal is to give back to these agencies. Vanlife has become a popular form of affordable travel and has gone on to inspire a dedicated fan base. This creates an opportunity to advocate for the cause and educate the public as well as to outreach into all outdoor communities. As we begin our clean-ups and other projects we plan to focus on areas with a large outdoor presence. Keep an eye on our website and social channels to stay informed on our progress!

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