A friend recently asked me how I was motivated to stop in the middle of all of the epic places we go and visit and see and all we do to sit down and do the work that we do.

(Yes our van is our desk, bed, kitchen etc.)

When I was working a normal job I worked in automotive and was extremely committed and enjoyed working with cars. I was so programmed to live and work a certain way that when we transitioned to Van life it took me months to mentally let go of the life I had building in order to see the new life I could begin building.

(No we don’t use starbucks and rely on every free wifi. We pay for our hotspot and rely on it daily)

I started a business before I left. Kinda ambitious, kinda stupid I realized to uproot your entire life and also try to take over the world at the same time was a little much. I needed to let go, slowly but surely the days got better, the grass got greener. I had to live in the moment, take in the moment.
I would say when we were in Texas and broke down was the turning point. We needed to make a little money to pay off the expense, so I got a job and stayed with a friend in AZ. Take a vanlifer and put him at a desk job for two weeks. I barely made it.
From there on I became more inspired to make more money. Our finances were okay, but we always want more right? After applying to everything I could think of I stopped. And started to think how I could make money without being hired by someone. Ideas flowed and florished.
We like what we already do, which is social media work, media work, etc.  So we decided to pursue growing that factor.
We now work on ourselves rather than for someone. We can see the value in that, the value in working for the long term goal by investing in yourself rather than chasing that normal steady paycheck. We don’t make as much, but we sure don’t work as much. Yet we have created a balance where we have clarity on what we need to accomplish that day, mainly because we need to so we can survive. But also because we want to see ourselves progress. I believe this lifestyle has a major part of that. When you can be driven by the passion of travel and exploration on a daily basis nothings gonna stop you.

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