This Code of Ethics is VansforLands’ vision for campers to follow in the pursuit of keeping our public lands happy and healthy. I know there will be many who don’t follow, but I believe there are at least some out there who will lead by example. These rules are simple and easy to follow, and I’ve even included links so that you can learn more about why we’ve included each specific code.

There are many out there that will still go against what I am writing here today, but YOU can make a difference by reading, learning, and helping others understand why these are necessary, simple, and easy-to-follow guidelines.

VansforLands official Code of Ethics

  1. Leave no trace
  2. Proper disposal of human waste
  3. Pack it in pack it out 
  4. Stay on trail 
  5. Use established roads
  6. Only use established campsites 
  7. Burn where you buy 
  8. Fire safety 
  9. Learn about invasive species 
  10. Leave it better than you found it
  11. Protect against water craft invasive species 

These are by no means new or foreign concepts, and I know many of you already follow them. But there are still many people who do not, and may not even realize the damage they are causing.

Throughout the next weeks we will dive deeper into each subject. I would love to hear opinions and get guest writers in each theme. Please contact me through DM on Instagram @VansforLands, or by email

Lets see how we can better the world together.

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