Pursue your life instead of a career

Pursue life not career
When I think of the 7 years after high school prior to my current life situation, all that comes to mind was how hard I was working to prove myself to everyone I worked for. I constantly sought out new opportunities crawling up the ranks in the automotive world and the growth was never enough. I always wanted more. I attempted to start a small business. Played out ideas as much as possible. Daydreamed for hours daily of a better lifestyle.
Recently I’ve been appreciating my life more. We are so fortunate as we are happy, healthy, and in the best mental and physical shape of our lives.  We have found a way to live life and work on ourselves. We have learned the value of working for yourself and investing in yourself. Overall we have created a lifestyle that let’s us explore the country and ourselves.
I always wanted to work for myself but could never break the barrier. I always thought you needed money to “start a business”. Or even more realistically I thought more of what everyone told me, you’ll fail and end up working for the rest of your life. However taking a hiatus from what we knew as real life has taught us more than any educator ever shared with me.
We have mentally adapted. In our primal sense of fighting to live. Every challenge we have tackled, every issue has been solved.
All while doing so we have improved mentally. We show more confidence and stress about the bullshit so much less. Because well there is so much less.
I personally have always prized material possessions, especially vehicles coming from an automotive background. If my vehicle made a sound, or got a scratch it would be in the shop the next day getting a full lookover. These days we drive through rough areas, i chuckle as the trees scrape along the side of the rig. We don’t shop for pleasure, we shop for necessity. Half of my hard earned material possessions are sitting in a basement back home and i barely miss any of it.
Really to bring this to a point we have started to pursue our lives. Embracing each experience daily, while learning and growing. I started reading and spending downtime researching and improving my knowledge, rather than wasting it. We discuss everything  and find the best way to approach it. We spend hours improving ourselves and pursue our own business ideas. Investing in ourselves rather than helping
We appreciate everything we have, and everything we do rather than obsessing over what we think we should have. We have it. We are happy, heathly, and better people than ever

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