Xmas Tree Cutting

We just recently launched our Christmas merch line! I wanted to talk a little about these designs because I struggled a little with the concept.

I have some conflicted feelings because we obviously value our National Forests, and I wasn’t sure how cutting down Christmas trees effects the health and prosperity of our lands. So I did some research.

Let me just say that I grew up loving the tradition of going out with the family to cut down our tree for the year. Being on the east coast we don’t have access to a large amount of National Forest land, so normally we would hit the local Christmas tree farm. I still love and support the idea of these farms, just like any farm. Having and harvesting a local crop not only supports your local farmers but also helps communities thrive.

After considering all the details, I wondered about the proper procedure for finding a public land Christmas tree.

This article¬†breaks down all the dos and dont’s, giving a great explanation on the process and some helpful tips. I especially like that it is encouraged to select a tree in an overgrown area, because then it you will actually be helping the plant life in that area to grow and prosper.

In conclusion, I love our public lands, I also love the Christmas season and traditions. Please follow the rules if you decide to utilize the forest for your tree, however finding your local tree farm may be a great option as well.


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