Our current target

VansforLands is a travel-minded organization working to give back to U.S. public use lands. Throughout our travels we have seen some of the most beautiful campsites, forests, and waterways that are in need of care. Whether it was a bad storm that washed out a road, or a camper that didn’t practice “Leave No Trace,” it all takes a toll.  These are OUR lands, and as such we must accept some responsibility for them.

As we move forward, donations and all funds raised will be directed towards projects designed and carried out by VansforLands with approval and permissions by the public land management agencies.










Did you know?

There are 154 national forests and 20 national grasslands. These lands total 193 million acres, nearly all available for public use. Those whom choose to take advantage of these lands I’m sure will agree how special they are and how we must treasure and protect them, please see our Sponsorship donations Page to see how you can help.

Or visit our GoFundMe page for traditional donations.