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We’d been on the road for about three months and were just getting out of the desert. I was so tired of those dry, barren landscapes. We crossed into the Tonto-Sitgraves National Forest in Arizona, and suddenly there were trees, mountains, rushing waterfalls – I was home.  That’s about the time that I started thinking about VansforLands.

I have been a vanlifer for nearly a year now and I am so proud to be part of such an incredible community focused on adventure, nature and sustainability. The sheer passion of this lifestyle and my love of the forests inspired me to raise awareness for our U.S. public lands in need of help.

The free lands that the National Forests allow for public use are so special to this community. Without the forests and the grasslands gifting us not only free but also beautiful lodging, would we have hiked in Yosemite or swam in Lake Tahoe? Would we have lounged on the beaches of California or climbed the ocean side cliffs of the PNW? Without them, we don’t know if we would have spent the night in an elk refuge, or watched the sunset from our campsite at the base of the Grand Tetons. These lands have amplified our personal experience as travelers and we want to use the very experiences that they have given us to in turn raise funds for their maintenance and care, so that many generations can enjoy them for years to come.



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